AC filter diagram

This is from my archived web pages. This filter has been in my system for about 10 years.

Warning, do not attempt to build this unless you are familiar with this type of project. Assume that I have made mistakes and double check everything.
The Corcom type power filters (the six metal boxes) I got at the local surplus stores. They are very expensive new ($10-$20 each depending on the current rating). The four smaller ones (10Amps) cost me about $3 and the two larger filters (20Amps) cost me about $5. The 20Amps are a bit overkill but they look cool. After bringing in the A.C. into the box the three lines go to three screw barrier terminals which allow many easy connections. The hot line runs through a 15A circuit breaker and power switch first however. There are three 150Volt MOVs (hot to neutral,hot to ground, and neutral to ground) that are connected between the respective barrier terminals. Each Corcom type filter gets fed the hot, neutral, and ground wires. The ground is also connected to the chassis. The large capacitor is a 10uF 240VAC. It is hooked between the neutral line and the hot line. The output of the filters go to separate outlet plugs that are along the backside. Actually in my filter there are eight outlet plugs on the back so the two large filters have two outlets each. Separate Corcom filters were used to isolate the noise created by each component, especially digital stuff. The box was bought and punched out by a company near Las Vegas Nevada called Sescom. The pre-punched box saved a bunch of time. We had about 20 units being made so the set-up charge for the cut-outs was shared between us. It would be costly to have it done just for one person. I suppose a box could be cut by hand.


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